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 that one side chick from sailor moon


Doodlin late at night is not gonna help my current health but gawd dang it was worth it



Link cocking his head in confusion is so god damn cute.

Just give the boy doggy ears and call it a day

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I hope I'm not bothering you at all with this but recently a family member had done something to hurt me and my little cousins, which he is certainly in trial for, but it emotionally pains me to hear that my little cousins, who im dearly close to, had also been victims of being sexually abused by him and not only that, but my dad has also left my mom and it's just so many things. My eyes hurt from crying these past couple of days and I don't think I can ever recover from all of this...


 T h e   B a t t l e   a t   t h e   D a r k  M a r g i n

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This was a request I did for ifightformyfriends! It was an outfit inspired by Rock Lee and was more of a physical powerhouse. 


I drew a thing. Yea. Idk. I’m having a horrible day. I don’t ship these two. I love their friendship. Poor Riku.


Kingdom Hearts 2: Kairi Progression


I bet you thought I wouldn’t do the thing…or that I forgot about the thing…WRONG!

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